Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Semantic web OS

In order to construct a semantic web OS we will have to forgo our dependence upon plain text files as a means of representing programs. Instead, in a semantic web OS, programs and data will be first class objects that are represented as interconnected graph structures.

In my opinion, the key to creating weak AI is to eliminate all arbitrary restrictions we place on our databases and to then transform them into sophisticated graph-theoretic knowledge representations. These representations can be unified into a singular semantic web, and that semantic web should in turn form the basis of all operating systems.

Today, the web is based upon HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which are immanently deficient, so they are not a suitable basis for an operating system. This is demonstrated by my own GoldOS project and all other "web OS" projects. Where all web OS projects have failed, perhaps a semantic web OS may someday succeed.

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