Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mereology and causality

The basis of the ontological category of concretia is spacetime. We perceive the parts of spacetime (events) and relate those to one another through cause and effect relations (causality). In this ontology spacetime is itself an event: it is the largest possible event.

In this ontology causality relations do not occur between the atoms of causal set theory but rather between parts of spacetime which may be composed of such atoms. This implies that we are actually comparing different subsets of a partial order to one another.

Precedence occurs when all the elements of one part of spacetime cause another part. Causual independence occurs when the light cone associated with one of the events doesn't intersect the other events spatiotemporal presence. On possible example is that everything that happens in a given year on Earth is causually independent of everything that happens in a given year on Alpha Centauri as there is 4.367 light years of separation between us.

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