Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ontology of modules

In order to facilitate the use of modules it may be useful to categorize the modules available the systems into an ontology. This ontology would be combined with an ontology of logical entities in order to form the core system of a modular intelligence. The system of logical entities in the core system is not our main interest in categorizing modules but rather our main interest is the system of modules that extend our core logic.

Therefore in addition to the category of logical components there should be categories for temporal and computational tasks such as state management and scheduling, perceptual learning tasks that involve reasoning under uncertainty, and for interaction with external entities such as through natural language processing.

An AI without modules dealing with interaction and social relations could be an excellent astronomer for example in that it could perceive the universe around it but it wouldn't have the ability to communicate those results to people who are still dependent upon natural languages. In order to do that the AI may have to load an interaction module.

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