Tuesday, June 7, 2011


For years I was a qwerty typist, and I used Algol-based languages such as C, Perl, and JavaScript, which benefit from the position of the punctuation keys on qwerty. Now, I have discovered a superior keyboard layout: dvorak.

The most important letters are placed on the home row and all of the other letters are placed in accessible positions. This makes typing English much easier, which is especially helpful when typing lisp, as lisp is essentially english words structured with parenthesis.

Dvorak moves the dash symbol to the home row which is a big boost to lispers, as we use the dash as our separator, on the other hand it is only used for subtraction in most programming languages.

The semicolon is moved off of the homerow to the inaccessible position below the left pinky. By doing this users of C, C++, C#, D, Java, PHP, and Perl will be cured of cancer of the semicolon.

The other brackets are also moved further away. This is fine for lispers, the parenthesis are what matter anyways. This won't be too nice though in those aforementioned languages as they use braces for blocks.

Relearning typing in dvorak has helped me become a better lisper, if only because it has helped me leave behind the Algol based languages.

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