Sunday, October 20, 2013

Problems intelligent agents must confront

An intelligent agent that percieves its environment and acts upon it to maximize its own utility must confront at least three significant problems:
  • limited actions: an agent with limited actions must use decision theory to determine which action is the best one to take in this situation.
  • limited perception: an agent with limited perception must create models of its environment based upon the evidence obtained by its observations.
  • limited time: an agent with limited time must give attention to certain issues, plan, and predict the future.
To give an example of how this limitations might relate to games, logic puzzles like sudoko are purely in the realm of mathematical logic so they do not fall into any of these categories of limitations. Games like chess and go have limited actions as you need to select which move you think is the best each turn as do games in which the outcomes of actions are uncertain.

When it comes to limitations on perception and time, turn based games with fog of war have limited perception, real time games with revealed maps have limited time, and real time games with fog of war have limited perception and limited time.

The primary purpose of the scientific method is to deal with limited perception. With the scientific method we create models of the outside universe and we use perceptual evidence to determine which models of the universe are the most accurate.

the major object of perception of the physical universe is light which is dealt with by computer vision. Other senses include sound, touch, taste and temperature. Evidence obtained from such sense can be used as evidence to evaluate the accuracy of models of the physical universe.

The area of limited time is related to limited action through the notion of planning in which agents create plans of actions that they intend to perform over time and limited time is related to the area of limited perception through prediction as agents can create predictive models that determine what will happen in the future.

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