Saturday, February 28, 2015

Atoms of a lattice

Given a distributive lattice then we can determine that the atoms of that lattice are those elements that cover the lower bound of that lattice. In other words they are the singleton elements of that lattice. For example in the case of the lattice of sets under inclusion the atoms of that lattice are the singleton sets. The atoms of a lattice play an interesting role in the description of that lattice.

In the case of the lattice of sets we find that any given entity can be converted to a singleton set containing only that entity and likewise any singleton set containing only a single entity can be converted into back into that entity. This means that the function to convert entities into singleton sets is a one to one correspondence. This singleton function is not described by the order on the sets so it is outside of the underlying order theory. A lattice ordered structure can be extended with such a singleton function to be produced a more advanced structure of this sort.

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